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The NASA IV&V ERC has GLOBE Trainers who conduct "kit" workshops associated with GLOBE protocols that you may Loan & Learn with your classes! Additionally, there are 4 protocols that require limited equipment to complete and are available on the GLOBE Observer App

GLOBE Observer, the app of The GLOBE Program, invites you to make environmental observations that complement NASA satellite observations to help scientists studying Earth and the global environment. Those in the 120+ GLOBE countries can download and use the app.

Photo Credit: Lewinski, Mike. (June 2014). Lupines and Fireflies No. 4 [Photograph] Retrieved March 2021 from,

We need your help! For unknown reasons, fireflies, also known as lightning bugs, have been declining across their range. Almost every West Virginian child recalls seeing the majestic flashing displays of fireflies growing up. Amazingly, there are MANY species of fireflies, each with their own unique flashing patterns. We likely have somewhere between 23-41 firefly species, with each male species having its own unique flash (the females are rarely seen). A formal assessment of fireflies has never been done in our state- this is where you come in!

Access the online survey to report your firefly displays

Be a scientist and help WVDNR document box turtle sightings

The eastern box turtle population is declining in West Virginia and WVDNR is launching a citizen science project to better understand where these lovable reptiles are located. Reporting box turtle sightings to us is easy. Just identify the geographic coordinates of the encounter and mark them on our map at If you want to report the sighting while you’re in the field, we suggest using the Survey 123 app on your phone. And if you snap a photo of the turtle, be sure to submit that as well.

CrowdMag is going active! When you go out for a walk, run, or other outdoor activities, use CrowdMag to measure the magnetic data along your path and save the data as a “magtivity”. Save, list, export or delete magtivities to create a complete magnetic field map of your area. We especially encourage you to share your magtivities with our research group at NOAA and to have multiple magtivities along the same path so that we can stack the data to reduce the noise and produce a more accurate magnetic field map.

Learn about CrowdMag

Wild SpotterTM - Engaging and empowering the public to help find, map, and prevent invasive species in America's wilderness areas, wild rivers, and other natural areas. Become a Wild Spotter citizen scientist volunteer, download the Mobile App, and help protect America's Wild Places!