3. Once Certified-  Make Reservations

Workshops and Webinars

Attend a training and build your knowledge and skills with other formal, informal (library, homeschool, etc.), and after-school educators.

3-5 hour in-person workshops are full trainings, which certify you to borrow a classroom kit of equipment to complete NASA related STEM activities.

Some 1-2 hour webinars result in kit certification, but all webinars are intended to build your skills and knowledge of activities as a refresher or to build your interest in a classroom kit.

Participants at both in-person workshops and virtual webinars will receive a certificate granting training hours for professional development, which may be presented to employers for annual requirements.


Browse the calendar for existing offerings. 

Register for a workshop by using the registration link posted on the event on calendar.

Some events posted may be a site specific training and not allow registration. You can request any workshop for your own group of 10 or more here. Webinar requests can be completed  here.

On-demand professional learning

Our YouTube channel has recorded webinars and tutorials on a variety of STEM topics.