Upon completion of ERC training course, participants are certified to borrow the classroom kit related to the training for two-week loan periods. Once certified enter a reservation for classroom kits.

You may use these calendars to help you plan around others who already have reserved equipment.

3D Printers (ERC MakerBots)


Afterschool Universe (1 and 2)

Angle of Diffraction

Basic Rocketry (1 and 2)

Coding Express

Dinosaurs (1 and 2)


Echo the Bat (1 and 2)

EDC: Launch Structures (1 and 2)

EDC: Thermal Protection Systems (1 and 2)

ESSP MakerBot 



GLOBE: Atmosphere

GLOBE: Heating Things Up

GLOBE: Surface Temperature

GPS (Grey, Black, Orange, and Yellow)

Kindernauts (1 and 2)

LEGO EV3 (1 and 2)


Magnetic Storms

Making the Invisible Detectable (EM Spectrum)

NEED: Hydrogen

NEED: Science of Energy

NEED: Solar

NEED: Wind

Planetary Geology

Robots and Ratios (1 and 2)

Space Weather (1 and 2)

Sphero Coding Adventures (1 and 2)

Sphero Indi (1 and 2)

STARLAB (Classic: 1 and 2) (Digital: 1 and 2)

STEM on Station

SuGo Robotics


WeDo 2.0 (A, B, C, and D)