James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Launch Party

Tons of JWST activities, including the December 15th, 2021 LIVE Q&A Panel

with NASA IV&V's Richard Finley

Directions: http://www.bridgeportreccomplex.com/directions.cfm

From 9a.m.- 4p.m. join us at the Bridgeport Recreation Complex to celebrate National Aviation Day with

Fun Hands-on Activities


Thousands of dollars of free prizes including model rockets, model planes, free flights to Florida

Exhibitors including Aviation companies and NASA’s ERC and the WV Rocketry Association

Join the WV Environmental Sustainability Network for A Wild and Wonderful Earth Day Celebration on Earth Day 2021!

Also, browse the website for activities and lessons for your classroom!

February 18, 2021 IV&V Countdown to Mars

For the six years NASA IV&V supported the Mars 2020 project, time, personnel, focuses, and schedules changed, but the goals remained. Now one of those goals is being realized as the Perseverance Rover is landing on the surface of Mars. In celebrating the landing, we want to highlight the IV&V effort and significant contribution ensuring that software behavior used during mission phases were correct and function as intended. Join us prior to the landing at 10 a.m. on Feb. 18 to learn more about the IV&V role during an IV&V-centric virtual student activity hosted by the Education Resource Center (ERC). We’ll hear from our IV&V Mars 2020 Project Manager, learn about past missions to Mars, and give students an opportunity to try their hands at some IV&V inspired coding work.

Join the webinar HERE! https://youtu.be/PO5zmNQTvx4

Please let us know you are planning on watching our livestream event​ by signing our Guest Book


Download the Perseverance Scratch Coding PDF to participate in the livestream activity